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Colleen Cantlay, Escrow Officer / Owner

Colleen Cantlay

"The thing I most enjoy about escrow is the opportunity to see people through a new doorway in their life, whether it be a Buyer, Seller or Realtor. That exposure brings us to constant learning about ourselves and our service." - Colleen Cantlay

  Phone: (562) 860-5429 Ext. 102
Email: cc@westportescrow.com

Colleen's Office Staff

Mary Jane Pinheiro Ext. 116 mjp@westportescrow.com


Colleen Cantlay, Senior Certified Escrow Officer brings over 20 years of outstanding expertise in business, real estate and escrow services to her clients. Her standing as an industry leader and fluency in Spanish is personified by her ability to meet the needs of a changing Southern California real estate market.

Over the years Colleen has guided Westport Escrow’s expansion with superior service and state of the art technology. Her integrity and honesty as an independent escrow owner is the cornerstone of her commitment to the high standards held by the real estate industry as a neutral third party in escrow transaction. She is an innovative industry leader, trainer and professional, providing workshops and seminars on a variety of topics in her field.

Colleen's escrow specialty is the sale of Business, Commercial and out of the ordinary "unique" situation transactions. Colleen holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance. As an active volunteer, she contributes her support to many charitable organizations.