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Escrow Information

"Escrow" is a neutral third party and will remain impartial throughout the escrow process and will ensure that all mutually agreed upon instructions have been complied with prior to closing.

How Does Escrow Work?

The principals to the escrow (buyer/borrower, seller) cause escrow instructions, most usually in writing, to be created, signed, and delivered to us, the escrow agent. If a broker is involved, he or she will normally provide us with the information necessary for the preparation of your escrow instructions and documents.

We process the escrow, in accordance with the escrow instructions, and when all conditions required in the escrow have been met, the escrow will be "closed." Each escrow, although following a similar pattern, will be different in some respects as it deals with your property and the specific transaction at hand.

Our duties include: following the instructions given by the principals and parties to the transaction in a timely manner; handling the funds and/or documents in accordance with the instructions; paying all bills as authorized; responding to authorized requests from the principals; complying with requirements of the lender, if any, and closing the escrow only when all terms and conditions have been met; and distributing the funds in accordance with the escrow instructions and providing an accounting for the transaction in the form of our Closing/Settlement Statement.

Why Choose Westport Escrow?

We are an INDEPENDENT escrow company. That means we're not owned by a real estate brokerage, mortgage lender, or title company. We are a truly neutral third party. We have been licensed by the Department of Corporations for over 20 years and have proven experience helping people just like you.

You can email us today at we@westportescrow.com.

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